History of the Scientific and Production Company "POLIPLAST" is rooted in the 60-e of the last century, when a group of engineers and enthusiasts founded at the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of GRP and fiberglass department in Kharkov, who took on the task of creating a heavy-duty and sealed fiberglass pipe fabricated by oblique cross-winding the adhesive-impregnated glass strands on a rotating mandrel. Development of the technology and design solutions was carried out on Merefyanskoe glassworks, where the department had its own shop. 
As a result, the task was completed. The new technology, a new, self-development and manufacturing equipment December 31, 1968 was the first wound tube that meets to all the requirements. Pipe material was durable, leakproof electro and chem- resistant and its production does not require the traditional fiberglass. 
The following year, the Ministry of Electrical Industry of the USSR, having familiarized with development department, the department transferred its order in its structure and on its base in the city of Kharkiv Branch was established GRP All-Union Electrotechnical Institute. Lenin (Moscow), the same institution that once implemented the famous plan for electrification. 
Since then Kharkiv became head on scientific and technical development of technologies and equipment for the production method of winding composite materials and products for high voltage electrical engineering, as well as other sectors of the economy. Regions of industrial production of GRP pipes for electrical purposes identified by Azerbaijan and the Urals, where employees of the Kharkov Branch lived for months on business trips, but their offspring have implemented this industry and created. Eventually Branch Institute developed into a branch, and then as an independent institution, expanded range of demands, new divisions, Pilot production. 
But in the early 90s, when many were severed economic ties, the number of orders fell, became irregular with a salary. The main department specializing in winding products, which had to institute orders and money carried great economic losses. One of the variants of the "salvation" of the transition was on its own balance sheet. And it was done in May 1994. The institute was established self-supporting Scientific and Production Company "POLIPLAST" 
Using years of experience and scientific potential of its employees, the firm gradually assert itself, restored old ties, create new ones. Besides products for the electrical industry, the development of the railroad company used, border guards and many others, where high strength is needed, elektrohimstoyky material tubular shape. 
Almost all processing methods, equipment and more products are protected by copyright certificates, published in the press. On the basis of this work is protected by several PhD theses.